Mods included in this tool:

God Mode
Unlimited Ammo
Super Speed
Super Jump
Long Knife Melee
Floating Bodies
Big XP (For Multiplayer)
Big weapon XP (For Multiplayer)
Custom Coloured Text On Screen


1.Download mods from link above.
2.Unrar the files (extract them and save to your usb flashdrive)
3.Move the extracted Folder to your PS3/XBOX 360 HDD (with a USB drive, you should put it in your "games" folder with black ops 2 game data)
4.This will transfer and load the mods into the save game data memory of your Black Ops 2.
5.Start up the Campaign or Zombies (Join any lobby or play offline)
6.Press Start+Back (select) while in the game and follow the on-screen instructions for MODS Menu Options.Have fun using the hack.